• Your overview of 2021 & more

Your overview of 2021 & more

This week, we have again summarized the latest information and developments in the enduro scene for you. We hope you enjoy reading them and have a nice day, let's go!

Rallye Dakar: Half time

Last Saturday, the riders of the currently happening Rallye Dakar arrived at Ha'il, meaning that we reached half time and that they were able to take a day off. Despite being half through the race already, as of now, there's no clear leader yet: between the top 15 riders, there are only 35 minutes of time differences and between the top 8, the time differences are even down to 10 minutes. The reason for this can be described by the jo-jo effect, as Brabec calls it: the one who's leading one day needs to go first the next day, making it harder for him to navigate through the desert. We're curious to see who will be able to secure this year's victory for him- or herself!

Hardenduro: Jonny Walker now riding in red

After we've already reported about the split between Jonny Walker and KTM, we are now happy to announce what Jonny Walker's future will look like: from 2021 onwards, the talented hard enduro rider Jonny Walker will be part of the Betamotor team! After he was able to defend his repuation as one of the best hard enduro riders over the past years, we are curious to see which results he'll get on his new Beta RR300 - given that corona allows us to resume to an (almost) regular racing schedule of course.

Portugal: Corona-compliant winter escapes in the sunny south

Since a few weeks we are happy to welcome you in Portugal as well - for some exciting tours around the area of Santarém or for a training on tour that will challenge enduro beginners as well as true pros! And the best thing about it: currently, Portugal is one of the few countries which you can travel to without any restrictions - if you're traveling from and to Germany at least. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up right here and book your next trip now.

Hardenduro: Cooperation between WESS and FIM

Year after year, the WESS presents us with something new - this year, this lead to a renaming of their series to "FIM Hard Enduro World Championship" and meant that from now on, the racing series will be unter control of the FIM. With that, new regulations for the pro class have been introduced to adhere to the international FIM standards, enabling the participants to now fight for the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship title worldwide. Despite of that, according to the organizers, the basic WESS idea of actively including amateur riders shall still remain a key part of the racing series.

As usual, you can find all dates of the new FIM Hard Enduro World Championship in our event calendar.

Training: Prepare for the upcoming season now

With the end of one season another one starts - which is why now is the perfect time to get back in shape and work on your own riding technique to have even more fun on your next enduro or travel enduro tour! No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced rider, if you are riding enduro or travel enduro, if you are in Bavaria or in Rhineland-Palatinate - secure your spot before everything is fully booked and get ready for summer now.

Cancellation: The beach race Enduropale du Touquet won't take place this year

The legendary Enduropale du Touquet traditionally is one of the first races of the year and should have taken place in two weeks already - as has been recently announced however, just like many others this race now also had to be cancelled due to the recent developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. What a start into the new season!

We hope that you're enjoying your day by riding your bike and keeping your distance. See you again soon! If you want to stay up to date at all times, subscribe to our newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the bottom right-hand corner of this page and clicking on "Sign up" so that we can send you the most interesting information every two weeks.

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