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In the following subpages, you can find some necessary information regarding your trip. Whether you go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia or Spain – each country has got their specific regulations that you need to comply with, and each country also has some other specifics such as language, currency and behavioral norms that we want you to be familiar with. These tend to change over time, so even though you might have been to your destination already, we still recommend you to at least skim through the information we provide to see if something has changed. 

In addition to these national rules, please also listen to our tour guides at any time. They know their country the best and oversee the situation, so in order to keep you safe and make your trip a good one it is important that everyone adheres to their instructions.

All participants need to be 18 years old or older to register for our tours. However, this does not apply for children travelling together with their parents or legal guardians, e.g. in our Viaduro Family tours. 

Please also note that you are going on a journey that comprises extreme sports. Thus, by registering for the enduro parts of our tours, we assume that you are in an adequate state of health and that you are confident in riding a motorcycle both on paved streets and especially off-road, as all of these tours are enduro tours. In case you are not feeling well enough to handle the tour, please immediately contact our guides and do not risk injuring yourself. Should you be injured or feel sick, please refrain from participating in further tours until you feel well enough to do so. Despite of the health aspect, it is also required by law that you have got a valid driver’s license of the German category A (A2 with your own Motorcycle) and are 18 years old or older if you want to participate in our enduro tours.

Regardless of the destination you’re travelling to, Viaduro also advises you to conclude a travel cancellation insurance and foreign health insurance.

All rules and regulations mentioned here, in the specific travel advice for each country and elsewhere apply to German citizens travelling from and to Germany. If you are not a German citizen or plan on entering the country from another country than Germany, please contact the embassy, Viaduro or other relevant institutions to inform yourself about all applying regulations.

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