• Red Bull 111 Megawatt 2018 - World Enduro Super Series

Red Bull 111 Megawatt 2018

After we recently had the opportunity to follow the exciting race of this year's Red Bull Romaniacs, the second half of the World Enduro Super Series finally starts. The start of the second half time is done by the Red Bull 111 Megawatt in Poland, that has been founded by Taddy Blazusiak, who just made his enduro-comeback to compete in this year's WESS, and is the last hard enduro event of the series. To win here, the 1000 riders must show that they are skilled in technical as well as in high-speed passages, are physically fit and are ready for some exciting head-to-head races - most importantly Jonny Walker (KTM), the current WESS leader, followed by his competitors Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) and Billy Bolt (Husqvarna).

The race

On Saturday, the 08.09.2018, the race starts with two runs each in Motocross and Endurocross. In this race, we will see which riders belong to the fastest 500 and thus can proceed to the main event on Sunday. The main event includes three rounds on the challenging track that will welcome the riders with nearly vertical walls, giant rocks, quick enduro trails and many more obstacles.

The riders

The most difficult challenge for the riders of this year will be to beat Jonny Walker. This is not only due to his leading position in the World Enduro Super Series, but also due to the fact that he's won the Red Bull 111 Megawatt three years in a row already.

In the second position, however with 3 podium positions in 4 races and a generally outstanding performance already, we find Manuel Lettenbichler. Currently, 185 points separate him from his competitor Jonny Walker, however winning the race this weekend could disrupt this order and award him with the lead in the WESS.

The third in line, Billy Bolt, is also longing for a position in the top three of course - after all, he was able to show of his skills in the first race of the WESS already with his victory.

Further favorites for this year's edition of the Red Bull 111 Megawatt are Wade Young, who is on the fourth place of the World Enduro Super Series at the moment, as well as Mario Roman, who was able to secure two second places at the Red Bull 111 Megawatt before. The injury he got at the Red Bull Romaniacs is healed by now and thus, he's hoping for a good run - maybe it's true that "all good things go by 3"?

You can find an official event-preview by Red Bull including some statements by the event-founder Taddy Blazusiak in the following video, furthermore you can directly head to the offiicial Red Bull Website to set a reminder that will notify you when the livestream of the main event starts on Sunday. We wish all riders a succesful and fun race and are looking forward to an exciting race! Of course, we will also publish the official results of both rounds on here.

The results

  1. Wade Young - Sherco
  2. Tadeusz Blazusiak - KTM
  3. William Bolt - Husqvarna
  4. Manuel Lettenbichler - KTM
  5. Nathan Watson - KTM
  6. Josep Garcia - KTM
  7. Blake Gutzeit - Yamaha
  8. Graham Jarvis - Husqvarna
  9. Alfredo Gomez Cantero - Husqvarna
  10. Paul Bolton - KTM

Current WESS results

  1. Jonny Walker - KTM
  2. Manuel Lettenbichler - KTM
  3. William Bolt - Husqvarna
  4. Wade Young - Sherco
  5. Paul Bolton - KTM
  6. Graham Jarvis - Husqvarna
  7. Josep Garcia - KTM
  8. Tadeusz Blazusiak - KTM
  9. Travis Teasdale - Beta
  10. Lars Enockl - Gas Gas

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