• News from the IGE, DEM, HESG & more

News from the IGE, DEM, HESG & more

This week, we have again summarized the latest information and developments from the enduro scene for you. We hope you enjoy reading it, let's go!

IGE: No racing series in 2020

After the events in Mernes at the end of August and in Feldatal in mid-September had to be cancelled due to the still strict corona-related regulations, the IGE directors board recently decided that the IGE Championship 2020 will be cancelled completely. All registration fees that have already been paid will be transferred to the next year, unless an appeal is filed, and the entry fees will be refunded automatically. However, there is still one last reason to remain hopeful: at the moment, the organizators are still examining whether it is possible to turn the race weekends, which were still in the planning stage, into training weekends. We remain curious and of course, we’ll keep you updated!

DEM: Our hope lays in Rehna

Despite of the still tense situation, we have received some positive news from Rehna at least: according to the current state of affairs, the responsible authorities support the realization of the opening event of the DEM on September 12th, which is organized by the MC Rehna e.V. Meanwhile, things don’t look as good in Tucheim, where the MC Fiener Tucheim e.V. recently decided to move its event "Rund um den Fiener" to 10.10. Wait, 10.10. - wasn’t another race scheduled for that day as well? Right, the new date in October falls exactly on the day when the DEM run would have taken place in Streitberg, which had to be cancelled due to corona reasons. Another event in Kempenich is still on the agenda as a replacement run, where an upgrade to the DEM run is currently being discussed – however, no final decision has been made yet.

Sri Lanka: New travel adventures for you

Even though not too many travel options are currently available, we have still been very busy and are happy to present five new trips to you this month! The first one is our new travel enduro tour in Sri Lanka, during which you will be able to see the most beautiful areas of the country, taste some of the best dishes of the local cuisine and drive some of the most exciting routes over a period of ten days. Sounds good? Then secure yourself one of the limited places quickly and be one of the first to enjoy this Asian country with us!

Utery: Class win for Hübner in the Czech Republic

While one event cancellation still chases the other here in Germany, things look quite different abroad. Among others, this was the case in the Czech Republic at the Enduro Sprint in Utery, where KTM rider Eddi Hübner did not achieve an overall victory, but at least the victory in the E2 class. The overall winner was French Sherco rider Jeremy Tarroux. We say congratulations and are looking forward to the next race on 29th and 30th August in Mseno!

European Enduro Championship: First dates for 2021

While some are still trying to find replacement dates for 2020, the European Enduro Championship is already making plans for the coming season. As was recently announced, this will be done largely in conjunction with the events that would have been included this year already. A new addition, however, is the final station in October, which will take place in Hellendoorn in the Netherlands. These are the provisional dates and venues, which you can find in our event calendar as well: - 17th – 18th April, 2021: Castel di Tora, Italy - 26th – 27th June, 2021: Kielce, Poland - 07th – 08th August 2021: Plasy, Czech Republic - 01st – 03rd October, 2021: Hellendoorn, Netherlands

FMX: Luc Ackermann sets new backflip world record

After 12 years, the 22-year-old freestyle motocross rider Luc Ackermann managed to break a very special world record that his idol Travis Pastrana previously set: 8 backflips in 30 seconds. Ackermann spent three weeks in training until he dared to do it. His goal: to increase the record set by Pastrana by 2 somersaults to a total of 10. "I am super happy to have made it. Travis' record has been buzzing around in my head for a few years now. Now I had the time to train for it and it paid off. It worked out on the first try. Thanks to everyone who supported me," said Luc Ackermann after his successful world record attempt in Sperenberg. The fact that he managed to do this a good second faster than it would have been necessary is a bonus. Strong performance!

August: Which trips are still allowed?

We have asked ourselves this question as well and have come to the pleasing conclusion that there are still a few possibilities in the enduro and travel enduro sector:

We'll keep you up to date about further possibilities on our Instagram and Facebook account, where you should also follow us!

HESG: Extreme cancellation for Meltewitz

Despite the relaxation of some of the corona-related regulations in Saxony, the SHC Meltewitz recently announced that it no longer intends to hold any events this year - resulting not only in the end of the MelzExdrähm this year, but also the HESG run planned for September, which could probably have taken place according to Denis Günther. Alternatively, a new run in Hamma will be added to the HESG calendar in mid-March, which will be held by MSC Hamma. An exact date has not yet been announced, however it was finally possible to find a date for the “Hardenduro im Reisersberger Hexenkessel” event, which is planned for July and will now take place on 17.04.2021 in Reisersberg.

Even though the news of the last weeks still had a predominantly negative connotation due to corona, we still hope that our article included some interesting information for you. If you want to stay up to date at all times, subscribe to our newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the bottom right-hand corner of this page and clicking on "Sign up" so that we can send you the most interesting information every two weeks.

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