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Introducing the Viaduro team

With a long-standing passion for enduro riding, we became eager to transform enduro travel. Of course, there already are companies offering enduro trips, however we thought of a new way of doing so, that would enable you as our customers to experience both the joy of riding enduro and the sensation of getting to know new countries. Thus, we decided to come up with a concept that would combine just that: enduro round trips. Those enduro round trips give you the unique possibility of seeing the beautiful landscapes and untouched nature of Bosnia and Herzegowina while doing what you love, namely enduro riding. 

Besides of Bosnia-Herzegowina, we are offering enduro tours in Spain, travel enduro tours in Cuba, and apartments in Croatia. If you want to improve your riding skills before traveling to one of our stunning destinations, you can participate in one of our training courses at different locations in Germany. We are also glad to help you with any other travel service requests, feel free to contact us any time!

To be able to offer you with these kinds of services, we combined the forces of our German business administration team and our tour guides from the heart of Herzegovina that know all local offshore tracks better than their own pockets to establish Viaduro in 2017. By combining those two distinct competences, we are able to provide you with well-prepared tours that are professionally executed at the location.

Now that you know about us, we are excited to get to know about you too at one of our trips!

Ivan Coric

Coka (Enduro Team)

Andrija Ravic

Andrija (Enduro Team)

Sabine Schlote

Sabine (Owner)

Darja Schlote

Darja (Consultant)

Olaf Schlote

Olaf (Support)

Robert Ravic

Robert (Support)

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