Introducing the Viaduro team

The fun while riding motorbikes, especially off-road, our passion for the Balkan region, and the desire to combine both in professional, unique tours were the ingredients leading up to the foundation of Viaduro.

Over the last couple of years, this grew to a wide offer of enduro tours around the world’s most beautiful destinations. Hard Enduro on a volcano in Costa Rica, pleasant rides on your travel enduro through Cuba, experiencing the ancient history of Armenia and enduro rides through the mountains of Bosnia and Romania only make up a small part of our wide offer. Besides our large variety of tours, we also offer different trainings for beginners and experienced riders alike and are happy to assist you with all other services you might need for your next motorbike adventure.

To be able to provide you with the optimal offer at any time, combining the best of both worlds, our team consists of experienced tourism professionals as well as of passionate enduro riders. Thus, we cannot only show you the best trails, the steepest hill climbs and the widest gaps, but we can also assure that you have a pleasant journey to and from your destination, stay in a comfortable bed at night and enjoy some delicious food throughout the day. Furthermore, with every tour booking, you profit from further advantages such as our insolvency insurance or our repatriation guarantee, which we support you with as a German tour operator. When looking at current events such as the corona crisis especially, you’ll see why these services might come in handy – even though it might not sound too bad to be stranded in a dream destination like Costa Rica, it is probably still nicer to have an English speaking contact person organizing your return flight while you are making the best out of the situation and enjoying a few more days at the beach, than having to organize everything yourself, probably without even knowing your way around the country or their official language.

To be able to guarantee these services to you even during our motorbike and enduro tours to countries outside of Europe and to be able to offer you a large variety of different tours, we are additionally cooperating with our partner motourismo, a booking platform for motorbike tours, almost since the beginning of their operations. There, you will not only find our standard offer, but also an exclusive assortment of tours that we have recently decided to offer together, to be able to send you to the world’s most beautiful places with our joined knowledge and expertise.

Now that you got some insights about who we are and what we do, we are excited to meet you on one of our tours. We are looking forward to your message – you can even reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp if you would like to!

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