• Enduro world championship & the season of 2021

Enduro world championship & the season of 2021

This week, we have again summarized the latest information and developments in the enduro scene for you. We hope you enjoy reading them and have a nice day, let's go!

German enduro championship: Sprint start in July

After it has just been announced that this year's DEM season will not be off to a regular start, we now know more about how it could start – as of now, the first race will be an enduro sprint hosted on the last weekend of July! The race in Saxony is supposed to replace the cancelled race "Rund um Dahlen", however no organizer has been determined for the new race yet. We remain curious and keep our fingers crossed that there will be no further delays!

Events: Trèfle Lozérien opens the first registration phase

France is looking ahead as well: the first registration phase for this year's edition of the legendary Trèfle Lozérien, which will take place from June 04 to 06, 2021, just opened. Conquering the trails of the Sixdays, more than 600 participants are expected to compete in the various performance classes.

Fittingly, KTM and Husqvarna have also recently announced that the application phase for their motorsport sponsorship is running again. So, if you would also like to step into some more professional footsteps and compete against the best riders, you have the opportunity to be supported with parts and even new vehicles. We wish you good luck with your application!

Trainings: Practice makes perfect

Home office, closed gyms, cold winter weather and hardly any travel opportunities - a combination that makes it particularly difficult for all of us to counteract the annual decline in fitness over the winter months. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost - how about, for example, one of our enduro or travel enduro trainings to prepare you optimally for the upcoming season or the next big trip? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, we surely offer something for everyone – soon, we’ll even add an additional location, which you can then discover on our website.

You can find all trainings here: Viaduro Enduro Training – From Beginners to Advanced

Enduro world championship: Two comebacks and more

Although last season was comparatively unspectacular, news are now piling up around the upcoming season of the enduro world championship. First, KTM announced that they will officially return to the enduro world championship this year - after a whole three years of abstinence! All hope lies entirely with 2017 Enduro2 World Champion Josep Garcia, who already showed that winning is still in his blood last year.

But it's not just KTM that's newly on board in 2021, we can also expect a few more special guests: more enduro ladies! After the women’s class of enduro racing has been treated rather poorly in recent years, this year there will be no less than three GP rounds where female riders can compete with each other, which will not only upgrade the championship but also make it fairer.

In addition to the ladies, another class will also benefit from this year’s innovations: for the first time, the traditional FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy will be held as a separate competition. Until now, this ran parallel to the Sixdays and therefore always put the trophy competitors in the Sixdays rider’s shadows, which will hopefully change now. We remain curious to see how the changes will affect the upcoming season!

Jarvis: Off to another year in the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna-jersey

As recently announced, Jarvis will not be retiring from racing anytime soon – instead, he will remain loyal to the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team for another year. At the same time, he's teaming up with Husqvarna Motorcycles to support his newly formed Jarvis Husqvarna Racing Team, which will feature no fewer than five up-and-coming riders on the sporty Husqvarna TE 300is.

Enduro: Let the tour planning begin!

With the new year, we’re keen on going on our next tours and exploring the world – after all, spring will be here soon, meaning that the perfect time to start exploring new areas on the enduro is just around the corner as well. Whether you’d like to go to Romania, Serbia, Bosnia or Costa Rica - varied trails for every level of performance can be found almost anywhere in the world. Take advantage of the cold days and start thinking about where you want to go this summer - should Corona still throw us a spanner in the works, we will of course be happy to help you find an alternative free of charge and without any extra hassle.

You can find our enduro tours here: Enduro tours worldwide for beginners and pros | Viaduro

And if you prefer to discover the world on a bigger adventure bike, take a look here: Discover the most beautiful countries of the world on a travel enduro | Viaduro

We hope that you're enjoying your day by riding your bike and keeping your distance. See you again soon! If you want to stay up to date at all times, subscribe to our newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the bottom right-hand corner of this page and clicking on "Sign up" so that we can send you the most interesting information every two weeks.

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