road-tourEvery motorcyclist has got different needs and not everyone loves to move predominantly off the road. It is our passion to fulfill your wishes, which is why we have selected some dream destinations for our first pure onroad motorcycle tours.

The motorcycles typically used for these tours are touring enduros and bigger adventure bikes, as they are simply ideal for touring in terms of handling and comfort. If you'd like to ride on a different type of motorcycle, that is also okay of course - just let us know.

Our onroad motorcycle tours are particularly suitable to experience with a passenger, while off-road riding with a pillion passenger oftentimes is no pleasure, neither for the rider nor for the pillion passenger. Our road tours on the other hand offer the opportunity to get to know the country and its people together, often without the need to permanently carry all the luggage, which make them the perfect tours to book with your pillion passenger!

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