Double fun in Portugal, enduro riding in Romania & more

this week, we have again summarized the latest information and developments in the enduro scene for you. We hope you enjoy reading it and have a nice Sunday, let's go!

WESS: In 2020, there will be no winner

After some races of the WESS have already been cancelled in the past months and the Hawkstone Park Cross-Country Race in Great Britain has now also been removed from the calendar due to the difficult entry regulations, the WESS Promotion GmbH recently announced that the series will no longer take place as such this year, as under the current conditions, no fair competition is possible. At the same time this does not mean that events like the Hawkstone Park Cross-Country or the Red Bull Romaniacs, that are still planned, will not take place - instead, they will be held as planned and only the overall ranking of the race series over the course of the season will be missing. To further support the organizers of the outstanding events, the KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS factory teams have already agreed to make their riders participate in the events if possible as well.

Romania: No more enduro riding in paradise?

Those who have spent some time on social media over the last few days will have noticed it already: over the course of a change in the Romanian forestry law, the regulations for enduro riding were tightened, meaning that free riding is now hardly possible there - or isn't it? The answer is twofold. While it is true that it is no longer allowed to ride through the forests on your own, this does not mean that it is no longer possible to ride there legally - the key to happiness is a local tour operator with a license like us, allowing us to still offer all of our tours to you as usual!

Secure your spot on one of our tours through Romania quickly and continue to enjoy the challenging routes of the Red Bull Romaniacs now - we are looking forward to riding with you.

German enduro championship: Starting signal for the German championship in Rehna

With yesterday's starting signal, the time has finally come: this year's international German championship could start despite Corona! It was especially exciting for the six-time German champion Dennis Schröter, who is riding his last season this year - reason enough to be especially eager for another title. Nevertheless, his competitors such as Davide von Zitzewitz, who had already been strong in previous years, and New Zealand's Hamish Macdonald, last year's World Champion in the Youth class, also had high hopes for the weekend. In the end, the podium of the C group looked as follows:
  1. Hamish Macdonalds
  2. Davide von Zitzewitz
  3. Dennis Schröter
Congratulations to all winners for their good performances!

HESG: News from Reetz

For the HESG, the run in Reetz will be the next event that can be held despite of the current restrictions. At the same time, the organizers will be introducing a new race mode as well: the classic prologue will be followed by a sprint enduro, which will be a special challenge for the riders thanks to the usual obstacles with an extreme test, leading them through a sand pit for a longer period of time. Therefore, a total of at least four hours of riding time are planned for the race, during which the 150 riders will have an exciting race – we’re curious to see who can finally take the victory!

Serbia: Xross Challenge trail adventure

The biggest and toughest hard enduro race in the Balkans - that's how the organizers of the Xross Challenge describe their event, which has already presented pro riders like Wade Young or Kevin Gallas with some challenges in the past. If you are interested in taking up the challenge yourself and exploring the exciting trails of the Xross Challenge around Mount Tara but participating in a race is not for you, we have the perfect offer for you: together with the experienced organizers of the race, we have put together two different enduro tours that will introduce you to the beauty and culture of the country, the good food, the varied trails and the warm-hearted inhabitants of Serbia! And the best: despite Corona, Serbia is currently one of the few countries that we have been allowed to travel to without any quarantine obligations or the like for quite some time now - so what are you waiting for? Secure your place here.

Enduro world championship: Double the pleasure in Portugal

The cancellation of the Enduro GP in Spain was followed by a creative solution that probably nobody would have expected: without further ado a new date for the race was found, which will take place as planned from November 6th - 8th - but in a different country! Thanks to the transfer of the event from Spain to its neighboring country Portugal, the riders will have to travel less and will be able to stay in Portugal, as Marco de Canaveses will host the final of the World Championship just a weekend later. Hats off for this clever solution!

As you can see, the situation is gradually improving despite Corona and the organizers are getting better at handling the situation. We hope that our newsletter was an interesting read for you once again. If you want to stay up to date at all times, subscribe to our newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the bottom right-hand corner of this page and clicking on "Sign up" so that we can send you the most interesting information every two weeks.

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