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    Below, you find a brief overview of our offers.

    Viaduro Pure

    Viaduro Pure is about pure sport enduro trips on challenging trails far from paved roads. This does not mean that you won't see anything of the country - every now and then, the mountain peaks offer you stunning views on marvelous valleys. For lots of enduro fun during the summer, we created several 1-day, 5-days and 7-days enduro tours through Bosnia-Herzegovina on which our professional guides show you the country's beauty. Alternatively, if you prefer laying at the beach with your family and friends in the summer but miss the sun in winter, you should join us on our tours through Spain. The climate in winter in Andalusia is perfect for some enduro rides, neither too cold nor too hot, and thus these tours are the perfect alternative to a summer trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our enduro tour in Andalusia stretches over 8 days, and if your loved ones would also like to get some sun, you can always bring them with you! Even without riding a bike, Andalusia has a lot to offer.

    100,00 €

    From / 1.00 Days
    Enduro 1 Day
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    You are on holidays in Croatia or Bosnia & Herzegovina and want to make a day trip into the unexpect...
    Superb 1 review

    569,00 €

    From / 5.00 Days
    Enduro 5 Days
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    You like enduro motorcycling and love to ride in between pure nature while enjoying beautiful landsc...
    Superb 1 review

    899,00 €

    From / 8.00 Days
    Enduro 8 Days
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    You are fed up with the cold German winter and seek extensive rides on your enduro? In that case, th...

    Viaduro Tour

    If you prefer seeing more of the country over challenging yourself on technical trails, our travel enduro tours aka Viaduro Tour are just right for you. On our 9-day tours through eastern, western or central Cuba, our experienced guides will show you what Cuba really means – full of insider tips and spots. As Cuba’s climate is mild all year round, we conduct our tours throughout the whole year. Just like with our other tours, you can shorten these to a 2-days tour or even combine multiple tours with each other, which is especially interesting as the different regions of Cuba differ from each other heavily.

    494,00 €

    From / 2.00 Days
    2 days Western Cuba
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    Join us on a 2-days travel enduro tour through the stunning scenery of western Cuba....

    1 990,00 €

    From / 9.00 Days
    Eastern Cuba
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    Cuba's East is one of the most diverse regions in terms of scenery and climate. At the same time, it...

    1 990,00 €

    From / 9.00 Days
    Western Cuba
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    Come to Western Cuba and experience its unique sights including its capital Havana with its rich his...

    Viaduro Training

    Practice makes perfect: whether as a preparation for your trip or just for fun, there’s always room to improve your skills and learn something new. To do so, we offer four different types of trainings on several weekends throught the year at four different locations in Germany: travel enduro training, for example as a preparation for our tours in Cuba, a beginner as well as the corresponding development training for those that prefer sport enduro, as well as an enduro training just for ladies, where you learn the same as the men.

    260,00 €

    From / 2.00 Days
    Explore Now
    The beginners training teaches you the basics of enduro riding: stand-up riding, break- and curve te...

    260,00 €

    From / 2.00 Days
    Enduro for Ladies
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    You are not sure whether you want to train together with a bunch of adrenaline-addicted men? Here, y...

    260,00 €

    From / 2.00 Days
    Travel Enduro-Training
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    You have got a lot of fun with your long-distance enduro on the streets already, but would also like...


    That sounds good already, however you would rather like to organize your own motorbike tour and are just looking for an apartment? We would be happy to assist you with that. Currently, we are renting out rooms in two beautiful apartments at the Croatian coast, in the cities Trogir and Vodice. From our apartments, you can easily reach the beach as well as shopping facilities and restaurants by foot. Furthermore, famous sights such as the Krk waterfalls or the beautiful city Split are quickly reachable, the best option would of course be to combine these trips with a motorbike tour! Speaking of motorbikes – we would be happy to assist you in planning your motorbike trip, so that you can enjoy your holidays without having to worry about anything.

    Apartments Coric

    4 Trogir

    Apartments Alfirev

    4 Vodice

    Holiday Home Blidinje

    5 Gornja Drežnica

    Other Things

    In addition to the tours mentioned above, we would be glad to assemble an individual tour just for you. If you would like to give away one of our tours or trainings as a present, but would like to leave the decision on what to do to the gifted person, you can purchase a Viaduro gift card here as well.

    On request

    0.00 Days
    Enduro Individual
    Explore Now
    If you want to book an enduro adventure, but think that none of our tours completely satisfy your ne...

    1,00 €

    From / 1.00 Days
    Gift card
    Explore Now
    With a Viaduro gift card, you can make your loved ones happy. Whether you give them a training weeke...

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