Explore Istria and its offshore Islands

Istria is great for a beach vacation only? Sports enduro riders have been disagreeing with this for a long time already and if you'd like to travel on your adventure motorbike, Istria and its islands feature many interesting offroad trails as well. Experience your offroad adventure inbetween marvelous landscapes and tailor-made to your riding skills. In groups of 4 to 8 riders, we will conquer rocky trails, ride through forests and river beds and along challenging single trails - all while you get to decide how challenging your ride should become. The best time to join this tour is between March and December and if you'd like to, we would be happy to organize some more riding days or an additional jet ski safari for you. As you'll always stay close to the marvelous Adriatic coast, this tour also perfectly integrates into your next family vacation.

465,00 €

From / 5 Days
5 Days Enduro Tour in Istria, Croatia
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Riding the enduro through the heart of Istria: Forests, rivers, rocky gorges, sand dunes... and the......
Own motorbike, Opt. rental motorbike, KTM

735,00 €

From / 7 Days
7 Days Enduro Tour in Istria, Croatia
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Enduro tour through the heart of Istria, Croatia: Forests, rivers, rocky gorges, sand dunes - and th......
Own motorbike, Opt. rental motorbike, KTM

899,00 €

From / 5 Days
Enduro Adventure Istria
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In a relatively small area of Istria there is a great diversity of terrain which, along with a pleas......
Incl. rental motorbike, KTM

959,00 €

From / 5 Days
Enduro Island Hopping
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On this tour you will discover the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking sights of remote Istria, tw......
Incl. rental motorbike, KTM

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