Electrically-powered Enduros vs. 2- and 4-stroke powered ones

Enduro riding and sustainability – two words which we will likely hear together more often in the future. Models such as the Freeride E or the Zero FX have been on the market for some time already, however just recently KTM and Alta Motors announced the launch of new models.

In 2018, KTM will launch their new KTM Freeride E-XC. Compared to the prior model, it comes with a stronger engine and a battery that promises up to 50% more power. The peak power lies at 18 KW and it has got a peak torque of 42 NM, which makes this machine comparable to gas-powered 250cc models. The chargers and batteries are supposed to be offered by KTM through a leasing program. It is also possible to exchange the battery of your prior model with the newer version, as it is compatible with both bikes. Another important thing to mention is the fact that the Freeride E-XC will be allowed to be used on German roads, however not on US ones (Source). You can find further details on the motorcycle on KTM’s own web page. This video also lets you get a first impression of the look and feel of this new bike.

Additionally to the Freeride E-XC, KTM is currently working on a smaller machine as well, the E-Mini which is scheduled to launch in 2020. This bike is supposed to be seen as an alternative to other 50cc motorcycles with combustion engines. First tests showed already showed that this is not too far off, as they were already able to get better racing results on the E-Mini compared to the 50 SX (Source). 

However, KTM is not the only company focusing on sustainability. Another interesting launch planned for 2018 comes from Alta Motors and is called the Alta Motors Redshift EX, an adapted version of the Redshift MX. The Redshift EX weighs around 125 kg and has got a more potential engine with around 30 KW, along with a peak torque of 163 NM. The 5.8 kwh strong battery enables you to enjoy 3 hours of riding compared to a charging time of 2.5 hours when connected to a 240 V outlet and 4 hours at a 120 V outlet (Source). You can read a first review here.

Generally, we can assume that more and more companies will announce electrically-powered alternatives in the near future, as topics such as environmental protection and sustainability will increasingly become more important, and some countries are already starting to force such developments by imposing specific laws restricting traditional combustion engines. Additionally, this change might as well bring about improvements regarding the handling of these machines, which can already be seen in the comparison of the E-Mini to the 50 SX.

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