• Trèfle Lozérien AMV 2019 - World Enduro Super Series

World Enduro Super Series (WESS) 2019: Round 2 - Trèfle Lozérien AMV 2019

After the exciting opening of the World Enduro Super Series last weekend at the Extreme XL Lagares in Porto, Portugal, the fun continues this week already with the next race, the Classic Enduro Event Trèfle Lozérien AMV, which takes place from 17.05.19 until 19.05.19. Bordering the national park Cévennes, the idyllic region around Mende in southern France awaits the 700 riders with 200 km of fresh and grassy fields, flowy woodland tracks and challenging mountain trails every day. The race starts with a 266 km passage through the Gorges du Tarn on Friday, is followed by a 267 km long race along the Circuit Margeride on Saturday and finally, on Sunday, the 186 km of the Circuit Gèvaudan Aubrac will be decisive for the win.

We are curious if we will see another French champion this year, and what impact the race will have on the overall standings of the WESS. If you cannot be there yourself, as always, you can follow the event through the Red Bull Livestream. Furthermore, you will find all important information on here after the event as well, so stay tuned!

The results

  1. Josep Garcia - KTM
  2. Jaime McCanney - Yamaha
  3. Nathan Watson - KTM
  4. Julien Gauthier - Yamaha
  5. Jeremy Tarroux - Sherco
  6. Theo Espinasse - Sherco
  7. Christophe Nambotin - Gas Gas
  8. Emmanuel Albepart - Yamaha
  9. Jonny Walker - KTM
  10. Joe Wootton - Husqvarna

Current WESS results

   1. Josep Garcia - KTM - 1340 Points
Manuel Lettenbichler - KTM - 1110 Points
Jonny Walker - KTM - 1030 Points
Nathan Watson - KTM - 1016 Points
Mario Roman - Sherco - 1000 Points
Billy Bolt - Husqvarna - 935 Points
Wade Young - Sherco - 850 Points
7. Jamie McCanney - Yamaha - 850 Points
Travis Teasdale - KTM - 840 Points
 10. Taddy Blazusiak - KTM - 800 Points

And that's what's up next on the World Enduro Super Series 2019:

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