• Walker's recommendation: always skip arm day

Walker's recommendation: always skip arm day

This week, we have again summarized the latest information and developments in the enduro scene for you. We hope you enjoy reading them and have a nice day, let's go!

DOSB: Motorsport is an individual sport

The enduro season is still on ice, and unfortunately this is not only due to the winter weather. As has been recently announced however, there is hope for improvement: as a sports umbrella organization in Germany, the German Olympic Sports Confederation supports motorsports from now on by classifying it as an individual sport, both in the competitive and in the popular sports sector. As this reduces the Corona-relevant aerosol exposure to low or even non-existent in combination with the mandatory protective clothing as well as the outdoor nature of the events, this could greatly increase the likelihood of many events being held despite of the ongoing restrictions.

Verona: Red instead of orange

As Andrea Verona had already signed his 2021 contract with the Italian KTM team, it was already clear for whom E1 World Champion Andrea Verona would ride. As it now turned out, however, there was a short-term internal change - instead of for KTM, the 21-year-old will ride for the GasGas factory team this season. Verona commented on this as follows: "It's an incredible feeling to be a part of the GASGAS Factory Racing Team. To be selected as a rider to lead the team in the EnduroGP is a really good feeling and it makes me very proud."

Training: Jonny Walker recommends having skinny noodle arms

In the days of home offices, closed gyms, lockdowns and cold winter weather, it's not easy to stay fit - even though the new season is almost upon us. Still, if you want to prepare for upcoming motorcycle tours and enduro trips, you might be well advised to check out the fitness tips from hard enduro legend Jonny Walker. His recommendations include lots of squats, endurance cardio sessions and - who would have thought it - definitely no arm training! Most importantly, though, he thinks it's important to actually spend his workouts doing what he trains for.

If you too want to improve your enduro skills, listen to the pro and reserve your spot at one of our training offers in Bavaria or in Rhineland-Palatinate now.

Events: FIM Hard Enduro World Championship confirms dates

After a long wait, they're finally here: the official dates of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, formerly known as World Enduro Super Series, have been announced. And that's what the schedule looks like:

  • Extreme XL Lagares - Portugal - 07. - 09. May 2021
  • Red Bull Erzbergrodeo - Austria - 03. - 06. June 2021
  • Abestone Hard Enduro - Italy - 10. - 11. July 2021
  • Red Bull Romaniacs - Romania - 27. - 31. July 2021
  • Red Bull TKO - USA - 13. - 15. August 2021
  • Hero Challenge - Poland - 11. - 12. September 2021
  • Hixpania Hard Enduro - Spain - 01. - 03. October 2021
  • Getzenrodeo - Germany - 29. - 30. October 2021
As usual, you can find all dates in our event calendar too.
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