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FAQs & travel information about Kenya

Kenya is a popular African destination located on the East coast of central Africa that attracts tourists with its beautiful wilderness full of interesting nature and animals. Before you’re heading on your adventure to Kenya, we would like to provide you with some general travel information for your destination and answer the questions we are asked most often.

FAQs & travel information about Kenya

Kenya is a popular African destination located on the East coast of central Africa that attracts tourists with its beautiful wilderness full of interesting nature and animals. Before you’re heading on your adventure to Kenya, we would like to provide you with some general travel information for your destination and answer the questions we are asked most often.

What do I need to enter Kenya?

Citizens from most countries require a visa for entry. Children under 16 are exempt, provided they travel accompanied by their parents. In other cases, children under 16 receive their visa free of charge. Visas can only be applied for through the electronic visa system. Further information and instructions on how to apply for the visa are available from the Department of Immigration and the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya. The Kenyan authorities strongly advise against the use of other online providers, some of which may be fraudulent.

In principle, it is also possible to apply for an East African Visa, valid for multiple entry for the countries Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The cost is 100 USD. Whether this visa is issued at the airport or the country borders or only online, should be inquired at the Kenyan embassy before the beginning of the journey.

In case of further travel to one of the neighboring countries with subsequent re-entry into Kenya, there is the possibility to apply for a multiple entry visa.

Which vaccinations do I need to be allowed to enter Kenya?

If you enter Kenya directly from Europe, no compulsory vaccinations are required. Still, we recommend that you check whether all standard vaccinations according to the vaccination calendar of the Robert Koch Institute are still valid and refresh them if necessary. We also recommend consulting a travel or tropical medicine specialist.

Which currency is being used in Kenya? When and where can I exchange my money?

The country’s currency is the Kenya Shilling (KES), which has got an exchange rate of about 1 Euro = 0.008 Kenya Shilling. You can exchange your money easily in banks or exchange offices right at your destination, as experience has shown that it is cheaper to change money locally than in your home country. If you do so however, you should be aware that additional fees in addition to any exchange fees may arise if you do not bring the money in cash but pick it up locally with your card.

Is there a time difference between Kenya and Germany?

There is a time difference of +1 hour between Kenya and Germany.

Which language is Kenya's official language?

The national language of Kenya is Swahili (Kiswahili), but English is also an official language. In addition, about 70 other languages are spoken in Kenya.

What is the climate in Kenya like and when is the best time to travel through Kenya on a motorbike?

In Kenya, the climate is tropical and thus pleasantly warm almost all year round. The temperatures vary depending on the altitude and with the changing dry and rainy seasons. Very warm, sunny and dry are the months from December to March, actually the best time to travel. From April to mid-June it rains more often, due to the high temperatures it is then very humid. From the middle of June until October is the driest and coolest season. So you can always travel, just as you like the climate best.

How can I travel to Kenya the easiest?

Traveling to Kenya is the easiest by plane. The most important airport is the airport of the country’s capital Nairobi (NBO) from where an airport transfer is already arranged for you. Regardless of the method of transportation you choose, we will gladly assist you with the planning so that nothing can go wrong!

How can I book a motorbike tour through Kenya and which dates are available?

You can find all of our tour dates on our tour site. If none of our proposed dates match your needs however, simply fill out our contact form or shoot us an e-mail telling us how many riders you will be travelling with, what level you are riding at und when you would like to travel and we will be more than happy to send you an individual offer after checking our current availabilities! If you would like to book further ammenities such as a couple of extra days to explore the country on your own or enjoy some more motorbike rides, just let us know - the more information we receive, the better and quicker we can organize your next motorbike tour for you and the earlier you can lay back and relax, looking forward to travelling to Kenya!

How can I pay for my tour?

After your booking, you can pay for your tour via bank transfer, the information that you need to do so will be mentioned on your invoice. An initial deposit payment amounting to 20% of the total tour price must be paid immediately after receiving the invoice, the rest of the payment is due 30 days before your scheduled departure. Exceptions can be made if flight bookings have to be paid in total in advance, which depends on the chosen flight and airline.

Can I book a motorbike tour through Kenya as a beginner?

Just because you are new to riding motorbikes, it doesn't mean that you cannot book one of our motorbike tours! Simply let us know your level of riding and we will do our best to match you with other riders that are on the same page as you are so that you do not have to worry about the trails being too tough (or too easy, for that matter)! After all, Kenya is meant for medium experienced enduro riders and might be too hard for beginners, intermediate riders and experts will feel more comfortable there!

How old do I have to be to participate in one of the tours? Do I need a driver's license?

To be able to join our enduro tours by riding your motorbike through Kenya, you must be at least 18 years old. Furthermore, you need a valid motorcycle license. An international license is needed.

Can I rent a motorbike for the duration of the tour?

Yes, on all of our motorcycle tours, the rent of a motorbike is already included in the price! Usually, we use the Husaberg FE 390 or KTM 250 / 350 models.

Can I rent a motorbike without booking a tour?

Unfortunately, right now it is not possible to rent a motorbike from us in Kenya without booking a tour.

I would like to participate in the tour with my own motorbike - what do I need to consider?

If you would like to, of course you can also ride the tour on your own motorbike. To do so, your motorbike should be legally registered, in a generally good state and equipped with proper enduro tires. If you are not sure whether or not your bike is suitable to ride the tour, write us an e-mail, call us or text us on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and we will be happy to assist you!

What happens if my motorbike breaks down during our tour?

If a part of your motorbike breaks during our tour, our guide will try to fix it for you. Should this not be possible on our way, we will try to provide you with a replacement enduro so that you can continue your tour as if nothing had happened. Please notice that if you have not booked the rent of an enduro before, we may charge you accordingly on the spot.

What kind of safety gear do I need to wear during the tour? Can I rent it?

For your own safety, we require you to wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, a chest guard, gloves, a motorcycle jacket or jersey, goggles and durable motorcycle boots while riding. Please bring your own riding gear to participate in an enduro tour through Kenya with us.

What should I bring in addition to my safety gear?

Besides of the safety gear mentioned above, we recommend bringing the following items to your motorbike tour:

  • A hydration pack or a normal, small backpack (incl. a rain cover)
  • A rain coat that can also be worn while riding your motorbike
  • Leisure clothing: t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, jeans, comfortable shoes, swimwear, underwear, socks
  • Towels, cosmetic products and personal hygiene products
  • Personal medicine as well as a first-aid kit
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Passport, visa (if needed), driver's license, your wallet

I would like to add some additional days to my tour, would that be possible?

Kenya is a beautiful country that surely has a lot more to offer than we can cover in just a couple of days of riding. Thus, we would be more than happy to assist you in booking some additional nights, whether you would just like to spend some more days in the wild, at the beach or on your bike!

Which accommodation will we stay in during our tour through Kenya?

During this trip we will stay in comfortable accommodations as well as in tents, details can be found in the respective itinerary. For an extra charge, accommodation in high quality lodges is possible.

Which insurances should I conclude before my trip to Kenya?

A travel health insurance is mandatory for our tours in Kenya.

What happens if the weather gets bad during my tour?

Riding motorbikes is an outdoor sport, which is why the weather is always a risk factor. Should the weather be bad, our guides will determine whether they think that we can ride the tour anyways or not and if any changes to the routing must be made so that you can enjoy a safe adventure. Should our guides decide that going for a ride is too dangerous given the current situation, we will cover the kilometers in our support vehicle (if applicable) and try to adhere to the rest of the program as good as possible.

What happens if I cannot participate in the motorbike tour I booked?

You can find all information regarding the cancellation of your booking in our terms and conditions.

What else should I consider?

Now, that you have got a general overview of what to expect on your trip to Kenya, you can take a look at the website of the government of the UK on travel advice to Kenya to get even more travel information. We at Viaduro care for your safety, and therefore we would like to provide you with some travel information that enables you to travel safely. However, we can always only assume which travel information is important to the average traveler, so you might as well look for more information regarding your specific needs elsewhere. Although we are regularly updating this information, it might also happen that not everything is up to date as frequent changes can always take place, thus, all information provided is not legally binding. 

One last advice, please always make sure to listen to our guides! We can guarantee you that the only thing they want you to do - except having fun of course - is to be safe, and they are the ones that know this country best and that have the best overview of the ongoing situation. With that being said, you are now ready to read through the actual travel information. Enjoy your trip!

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