Enduro for Ladies in Warching

Duration: 2 Days
From: Warching (Bavaria)
To: Warching (Bavaria)
Languages: German, English
Scale: 1 - 15 people
Tour size: 15
Categories: Enduro
You are not sure whether you want to train together with a bunch of adrenaline-addicted men? Here, you can experience the fun of enduro riding without any stress.

Enduro Training for Women

In our Enduro for Ladies-training, you will learn the basics of enduro riding just like in the beginners course, however you are only surrounded by other striving enduro ladies and therefore, funny looks by men (who can't do better anyway) won't annoy you.
In many excerises, you will get acquainted to many different riding situations on loose ground and know how so manage these. You will practice breaking on gravel and mud, the right curve-riding techniques, stand-up riding and the overcoming of more difficult passages.
There are no things such as competition or performance pressure, you will practise in a comfortable atmosphere and our experienced coaches will show you step-by-step how to safely ride your bike on uneven terrain.

With your registration, you will also receive tips regarding accommodation. If you do not have your own enduro yet or cannot bring it, no problem. We have got rental motorbikes that you can add to your order right away.

Price starting from

260,00 €

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Important information

- Two days enduro training guided by experienced instructors
- Lunch, water

- Motorcycle
- Gasoline
- Further drinks
- Arrival and departure from and to the destination

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