Gift card

Duration: 1 day
From: unknown
To: unknown
Languages: depends on your choice
Scale: 1 - 50 people
Tour size: 50
Transportation: Others
With a Viaduro gift card, you can make your loved ones happy. Whether you give them a training weekend, a week of pure relaxation at the beautiful Croatian coast or an adventure in Bosnia & Herzegovina - you know best whom you can make smile with it.

This is how it works:

  1. In the participants section, choose how many gift cards you want to have. Don't get distracted by the shown date, it is only shown because it has to be show, the gift card is valid for ever.
  2. Now you have to choose the value of each gift card. When choosing it, you have got three base values: 1,00 €, 10,00 € and 100,00 €. With these, you can choose any amount you like by ticking the box and then choosing the amount. Example: if you want to choose a 75,00 € gift card, first click on the box at the front of 10,00 €, so that it is ticked, and then choose 7 in the selection next to it. Below your choice the value is shown, in this case 7x 10,00 € = 70,00 €. After that you do the same for 1,00 €, first you tick the box and then you choose "5" in this case, so that it adds to 5,00 €. At the top, the total value is shown in green, 75,00 €.
  3. By clicking on "Book now", you can order your gift card now. Please enter your data (data of the purchaser) into the guest information fields, and enter the name of the person the gift card is to be given to into the notes field, in the same way it should later be shown on the gift card.
  4. After you have ordered your gift card, we will send it to you as fast as possible via e-mail, so that you can comfortably print it at home.

The gift card is valid for any experience offered by us.

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100 Euro
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